brewery mash dryer

1. Mechanical Structure and Operating Principle
  The brewery mash dryer consists of heat supply source, feeding machine, revolving cylinder, discharging machine, induced-draft fan, tripper, and power distribution cabinet; after enter the dryer machine, the wet brewery mash distributes in the dryer equably and contacts the hot air fully when flipped by the lifting plate in the drum, this will quicken the heat transfer and mass transfer.During the drying process, with action of the inclined lifting plate and heat medium, the dried brewery mash is discharged from the star-shape discharge valve in another side of the dryer.
2.Main Characteristics
  1.The revolving drum is characterized by a high degree of    mechanization, high production capacity, and continuous running;

  2.Excellent and simple structure, smooth running of the material in  cylinder, convenient operation;

  3. Less breakdown, low maintenance cost and low power loss

  4.Wide application and even drying effect
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6.Successful case
Brewery Mash Dryer
Brewery Mash Dryer
Brewery Mash Dryer
Brewery Mash Dryer
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